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Welcome to the Apologetics Press Bible Class Curriculum
        For many years, members of the Lord's Church have been looking for an informative, engaging, biblically sound Bible school curriculum that is flexible and can be adapted to any size congregation. The Apologetics Press curriculum, Exploring God's Word, is just such a tool. It has been developed over a series of many years by highly qualified individuals who have invested countless hours in its production. We think you will find this to be one of the most unique, effective Bible school curricula available anywhere.

        In addition, Exploring God's Word is unique in that it is an on-line curriculum. Since it is on-line, it can be viewed, downloaded, and printed by anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. Also, the bulk of the curriculum is absolutely free. All the material for two-year-olds through fourth grade is completely free. The only part of the curriculum that needs to be purchased is the material for fifth and sixth grades. Furthermore, Exploring God's Word is an open system curriculum (read more about the open system concept by clicking the "What Is Open System?" link in the bar to the left of this page) and will be constantly improved as more congregations use it and offer their input.

        Exploring God's Word has already been used to influence thousands of children all over the world. Check it out. See what it can do for your congregation. We think you will discover that using this curriculum will be one of the best decisions your congregation made for your children.